About Phase2IA


Jeffery D Cortright, CFEd™, CITRMS®

Jeffery D Cortright, CFEd™, CITRMS®

Phase 2 Investment Advisers (Phase2IA) is a Registered Investment Adviser firm founded by Jeffery D. Cortright to help individuals and families achieve financial security. Our primary service is investment management. But, investment management is often just one element of achieving financial security. At Phase2IA, we have the expertise to help clients craft financial plans to accumulate assets, to become debt free, to finance education, retirement, a new business or major investment. And, we advise clients on the right insurance to help them protect their financial future.

In working with our clients, we have a fiduciary duty, a legal obligation to each client. Fiduciary comes from the Latin word for “trust”. A fiduciary must act for the benefit of the person to whom he owes fiduciary duties, to the exclusion of any contrary interest. 

For us, this client relationship supersedes every other relationship. As a point of emphasis, we operate as fee-only advisers within the securities industry. We benefit from how well you invest, not into what you invest. This approach puts the interest of our clients first and foremost.

Our President, Jeffery Cortright, began his financial career with American Express Financial Advisors, renamed Ameriprise Financial in 2005. Ameriprise Financial became an independent, publicly owned company with more than 12,000 advisors and registered representatives serving individual, business and institutional clients. Among the company’s strengths are an exceptional financial planning program and a collaborative approach to help clients better define, arrange and achieve their financial goals. Jeff brought these strengths with him to found Phase2IA in September 2008.

Jeff is a Certified Financial Educator and approaches client relationships on an educational basis designed to help individuals make sound financial decisions. His multi-generational approach focuses on the needs of clients at different stages in their lives from early family formation to retirement and legacy planning.

Because Phase2IA is an independent Registered Investment Adviser, we are able to invest across the investment spectrum and place client assets in those vehicles and strategies we believe have the best opportunity to meet the individual’s needs.