Our Fiduciary Approach

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Planning is more than just this product at this time. It takes a continued commitment to keep each client on the path to phase two.

Our client service is specialized. We are not exclusively a money management firm. We do not focus just on insurance products. We are not even primarily selling planning services in a silo. Phase2IA has committed to be COMPREHENSIVE in every client relationship. Yet, we are very different than most comprehensive firms.

The most significant differentiation between Phase2IA and other firms is our file system. Each client has a single file within our firm. We do NOT separate the insurance products from the investment recommendations or the planning tools in a client file. Instead we hold the entire client relationship to the fiduciary standard of care. Meaning, our Chief Compliance Officer (CCO) is able to review each product, service and plan from analysis to implementation.

Why should you care about this?

Every recommendation from a Phase2IA Adviser is subject to review from the CCO. When something is not done with the client’s best interest FIRST, the CCO can step in and be pro-active with the client to make things right.

To maintain this comprehensive perspective and support our fiduciary relationship, Phase2IA holds its Advisers accountable to the following five Solutions within each client situation:

Basic Organization
Cash Flow Management
Risk & Goal Assessment
Retirement Income Planning
Legacy Implementation

When Phase2IA steps a client through each area we are better able to understand each client’s situation and the resources available on the journey to phase two. Each focused analysis also allows every client to better understand the interaction between his Four Foundations.

We are NOT a law firm.
We are NOT an accounting firm or tax preparer.
We are NOT a specialty insurance agency.
We ARE a great member of that professional team for every client.
Think of us as a member of your Board of Directors!

Think of us as a member of your Board of Directors!