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Let Phase2IA help you make the ‘right turn’ to success in whatever you define as phase two of your life!

…to Help You Achieve Your Financial Goals

With a client base composed of business owners, students, employees and retirees, Phase 2 Investment Advisers (Phase2IA) has developed solutions meant to be flexible and responsive to the varied needs of the individual. The end result is up to your needs and preferences:

  • Planning for Your Financial Future
  • Investing for Capital Preservation and Return
  • Legacy Planning for the Next Generation of Your Family

Planning for Your Financial Future

We believe a financial plan can help you achieve your goals with fewer detours and a map to success. The Phase2IA financial planning process begins with:

Basic Organization

Our Asset Journal helps coordinate information from all parts of your life so if tragedy were to strike, resources have already been identified and accessibility options can be easily understood. Clients will be directed on how to organize documents, when and how to review analysis reports, how long to store documents and ways to preserve without the paper.

Cash Flow Management

For clients working to use their income in a more efficient manner, we offer solutions designed to identify spending habits, timing of expenses, support decision-making, reduce debt and build in a little fun. To this end, we will work to help individuals and families get a better handle on their Cash Flow through our Debt Free Review option. In addition, we offer a FREE Cash Flow Accountability service for those who feel having someone help with their own accountability will help them succeed.

Risk & Goal Assessment

By presenting an analysis of each client’s current risk with respect to assets, income, health and finances, better decisions can be made with respect to short and long term goals. Sometimes, clients find goals shift in priority after understanding risks. Oftentimes, clients realize goals are attainable when things can be broken into smaller views. Phase2IA Advisers utilize Insurance Services, Investment Management and Financial Planning tools while working through this solution with clients.

Income Planning

The fear of outliving assets is now more prevalent than the fear of public speaking! A longer life means greater assets necessary to support a lifestyle in retirement. Our Income Planning analysis is designed to account for the surviving spouse’s potential loss of pension income and benefits as well as the reduction in household Social Security income.

Investing for Capital Preservation and Return

Our investment analysis and recommendations begin with a Risk Tolerance Profile designed to help clients understand their true tolerance for the market’s volatility. Current investments are weighed against this profile as a part of our education process. When clients indicate a desire to make changes, Phase2IA will build solutions designed to match as close as possible to a client’s risk tolerance while utilizing available options within current relationships.

Building a firm financial foundation with adequate Cash Reserves is imperative toward long term goal attainment. Oftentimes, we will recommend a client build their Cash Reserve before investing outside employer plans. When we do analyze investments, we are looking to build upon the strengths of currently used products and replace only those out of alignment with a client’s risk tolerance and goals.

For clients looking for an option to the traditional equities and fixed income products, we will look at what might be available at their bank for banking products, or look across the industry for some form of fixed annuity to match the goal plan and risk tolerance profile established.

When a client’s risk tolerance and goals require using equities and fixed income products in the securities marketplace, we offer Investment Management services, providing several different strategy options to match each client’s profile and overall portfolio. Even if a client is only able to save through an employer plan, Phase2IA can provide guidance and support for the changing market through periodic meetings and fund tracking services to help preserve account values in down markets.

Legacy Planning for the Next Generation of Your Family

We have yet to meet a client initially comfortable discussing the distribution of assets after death. Yet, we would be doing a disservice to our clients if we did not at least have this discussion! While stepping through this solution, clients will be asked to identify collectibles, investments and assets to be directed to individuals or organizations. Each client will begin to spell out his desires through our Asset Journal process, while working with an attorney to implement the specific legal documents required for a smooth transition.